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Request Reconsideration in Google | This Site May Harm Your Computer

There can be two reasons where you need ‘Request reconsideration of your site’ in Google.

1. When your site suddenly not performing well in Google search results and there is a decreased in number of pages indexed by Google.
2. Google flags your site in search results with the Message ‘This site may harm your computer’.

Sudden disappearance of your site in Google Search Results

Check your site whether it violates any of the Guidelines stipulated by Google. If you need more details on Google Guidelines visit Google Webmaster Guidelines.

If there is any violation, correct it in your site and upload. Now visit the page

You will receive a link for ‘Request reconsideration of your site’. When you click on this link, you will be lead to Google webmaster tools Login page. Sign in to Webmaster tools with your Google Account. You will find a page as shown below.

Google Reconsideration Form

In this form, choose your site, select the box ‘By submitting this request, I acknowledge that:’ Provide the details of the reasons why you required Reconsideration by Google in the given ‘Text Area’.

Now click on ‘Request reconsideration’.

Google Malware Warning ‘This site may harm your computer’

You may find a warning message ‘This site may harm your computer’ along with your site in Google search results. To remove this warning you need to verify your site with Google webmaster tools.

Before doing anything with Google webmaster tools, check your site with Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool by visiting

Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool

Instead of ‘’ use your own domain. The safe browsing tool provides the following information about the site.

1. Current status: Whether your site is listed as suspicious.

2. What happened when Google visited this site? : Analysis on how many pages Google visited the site over the past 90 days. Number of pages tested and number of pages infected. It also provides the list of virus if present in the site.

3. Distributing malware: Whether the site functioned as an intermediary for the infection of any site.

4. Any malware hosted on site: Has the site hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.

Download your site from the server. Check for any virus using anti virus tool. Remove the malware present in the site. While checking your site, check your database also for malware. Carry out the vulnerability test for malware in your site with suitable software.

After completing this process upload your site into the server. Request your hosting provider to carry out a test for malware in the server.

If you have an account with Google webmaster tools and verified your site, Google used to send mail to the webmaster regarding the malware present in the site.
Sign in to your Google webmaster tools.

Click on to your site.

Dashboard of your site may contain ‘This site may be distributing malware. More Details’ as shown below in the image. Click the ‘More Details’ link.

Google Webmaster Dashboard

You will receive some details as shown below.

Google Site Reconsideration

Now click on ‘Request a review’. You will receive some more details as shown below.

Google Request Reconsideration

Check the box ‘I certify that I have removed badware or badware links from my site. If possible fill up the details of malware found in your site and actions carried out to remove the malware in the text area provided which is optional. If you fill the details it will help Google to crawl the site quickly and can help to remove the warning message. Submit by clicking on ‘Request a review’.

You have done it and you will receive a message as shown below at the top of your site dashboard.

Request Reconsideration Accepted

Now wait for Google to crawl your site and remove the warning message from the search index.

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