Friday, December 11, 2009

Yahoo Integrates Twitter on Web Search Results Page

Yahoo Web Search ResultsYahoo had stepped forward to provide the most relevant real-time search results and integrated twitter on its Web search results page. Starting December 10, 2009 we can see recent tweets directly integrated on the web search result page when we search for buzzy topics. It is a part of an effort to allow all its users to follow the popular content on the web.

Now you can see tweets about some of the less popular buzzing topics directly in the search results, usually at the bottom of the page, and you may see those tweets less frequently.

Yahoo Integrates Twitter on Web Search Results Page
Tweets can be available, when you search for popular products like 'Dell'. Yahoo will be concetrating more on the relevance of tweets to search quiries instead of providing the latest tweets. Yahoo's algorithm will search for relevant tweets from twitter and make available in the Yahoo search results page. It may include the tweets which is just tweeted one minute ago or the tweets may be as old as few hours.

Official Post by Yahoo: More Tweets in Yahoo! Search Results

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