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How do I Implement Ad Sitelinks to my Adwords Campaign?

Adwords Ad SitelinksWhat are Ad Sitelinks?
Ad Sitelinks is a feature for search-based ads that lets you include up to 10 additional links to deeper content on your site beyond the main landing page. Sitelinks extend the value of your AdWords ads by showcasing additional targeted and relevant links for users whose search queries have triggered your ad.

Sitelinks make it easy to update and refresh seasonal and limited promotions - you can change the additional links on your ads as often as you like to make each ad more timely for your current sales and marketing efforts.There's no need to change your current ads. Sitelinks add additional links beneath your existing ads, making them even more relevant to a wider range of users.

Which Ads Qualify to run Ad Sitelinks?
Ad Sitelinks will appear for ads with the highest Quality Scores. They will appear in two different formats. For the two line format, Sitelinks are designed to trigger in situations where an ad provides the ideal answer for a search query. These ads are most likely to trigger on unique brand terms. For one line Sitelinks, ads will trigger with more generic terms, but may also include brand terms.

The following best practices will help maximize your chances of showing Sitelinks:

  • Your ad should have one of the top positions above the search results.
  • Your ad should have a very high Quality Score.
  • Your Sitelinks URLs must direct users to pages that are part of your main website.
  • If your ad qualifies to show Sitelinks, up to four of the additional links you associate with your ad on the Ad Extensions tab may appear on your ad.

How am I charged for clicks on Ad Sitelinks in my ads?

All clicks are charged at the same rate, regardless of which links are clicked within an ad. That means you'll be charged for one click each time a user clicks on any link in your ad, whether it's the main landing page shown in your Destination URL or any of the additional links served as part of the Sitelinks feature.

How to Create Sitelinks in a Campaign?

To create the first extension in a campaign:
Adwords Ad Extensions
  1. Under Ad extensions > Choose 'Sitelinks Extensions'.

  2. Adwords Sitelinks
  3. Under Sitelinks Extensions > Click on 'New extension'.

  4. Adwords Sitelink Extensions
  5. Enter the attractive 'Link Text' and Destination URLs of up to 10 internal links (prioritizing the most important links first)

  6. Click "Save" when you've finished adding your links.

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