Friday, July 24, 2009

Is your website removed from Google search Index ?

According to Internet World Stats as on 30 Jun 2007 1,173,109,925 people uses Internet . Even some online traffic tracking companies states that Microsoft is leading Google in search growth, studies shows majority of the internet users are still using Google search engine. This brings the website owners to seek Search engine optimization companies help on bringing their website to get high rank in Google Search Engine.

Many website owners would be surprised to see their web pages removed from Google search index which was ranking high earlier. Now what you can do to get your web page reindexed. Before applying for reindexing just check your website whether it is built as per Google’s guidelines.


  • Hidden Text:Using identical color for text and background to hide the text from viewers.
  • Hidden Links:Using CSS to make tiny hyper links which is intended only for crawling by search engines and are unreadable by viewers.
  • Cloaking:Using different content or URL’s to search engines to crawl than to users.
  • Keyword stuffing:Using more than 20% of Keyword density in a web page.
  • Duplicate contents:Using different URL’s with same contents to manipulate search engine rankings.
  • Doorway pages:Using Web pages only meant for search engines.

How to get reindexed in Google search engine:

When you complete your web page with necessary corrections log in into Google webmaster tools and claim your site. Under the tools section click request reconsideration and follow the steps.

Google had recently announced in its official Webmastercentral Blog, it will communicate with the webmasters through webmaster console about the search quality issues. This will help the webmasters to know about the removal of their web pages from Google so as to correct it and reindex.

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