Saturday, July 25, 2009

Katrina Kaif – One of the most dangerous search term in India

Katrina Kaif is not only the most gorgeous, sexiest and elegant bollywood actresses of modern times, but also dangerous when you are looking up her name on the internet. The search term ‘Katrina Kaif’ has been identified as the second most dangerous search term by a study conducted by McAfee, the world’s renowned security technology company.

A study was conducted by Shane Keats, Research Analyst, McAfee and Eipe Koshy, Software Development Engineer, McAfee to determine the most dangerous internet search keywords and the report was released with the title ‘The Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms’.

The study examined the relative risk of searching for approximately 2,658 unique popular keywords and phrases across 413,368 unique URLs with the adult filters ‘On’. Each phrase and keyword was searched for in five major US based search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Live, and Ask. The first five pages of results for each keyword were looked and counted the number of red and yellow rated sites on each page (as determined by McAfee Site Advisor) and compared them to the total number of rated sites. The relative risk of the search term is then ranked.

The study confirms that scammers consider popular trends when deciding which victims to target. And on the web, popular trends and visitor traffic are highly correlated. One way to target big crowds online is to track current events—everything from celebrity meltdowns and natural disasters to holidays and popular music.
According to the study, the maximum risk search terms usually includes Free games, popular celebrities, screensavers, free downloads, free music, softwares, work from home and wallpapers. “Screensavers” leads the table with a maximum risk of 59.1 percent and followed by “Free Games” with a maximum risk of 24.7%.

In India, the search term ‘Katrina Kaif’ has a maximum risk percentage of 28.6 (where maximum risk refers to the maximum percentage of risky sites a user might encounter on a single page of search results) and is ranked at second. The search term ‘waptrick’ (a popular website for free downloads of music, ring tones, wall paper, animations and logos for mobile phones) is the most dangerous search keyword. The other most dangerous web search terms include Orkut, Yahoomail, Shahid Kapur, Rediffmail, ‘How to earn money’, Namitha, Shimla and ‘Beijing 2008 Olympic Games’.

In US, the search term ‘Word unscrambler’ leads the table with maximum risk percentage of 50% followed by lyrics, myspace, free music downloads, ‘pelps,webergale,jones and lezak win 4×100m relay’, free music, fame cheats, ‘printable fill in puzzles’, free ringtones and solitaire.

In UK, search term ‘bebo’ is most dangerous search term and has the maximum risk percentage of 33.3%. The other most dangerous search terms includes friv, hotmail, yahoo mail, alistair darling, hot uk deals, youtube, gordon brown, iphone and jogos.

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