Saturday, July 25, 2009

Page Speed- Improve the Speed of your Web Page

Most of the website owners will be thinking why the visitors to their site do not convert into sales. One of the main reasons for this is that our web pages don’t load fast enough. Web site visitors hate to wait for slow loading pages. Various studies say web surfers will wait for a maximum of 10 seconds for a page to load. If your web page takes more time to load, the visitors will go away from the site without looking at it. If you want to sell a product, fast loading web pages are very important.

Google’s Page Speed

Several ways are there to speed up the page response time. Recently Google has introduced a tool called Page Speed to improve the performance of our web pages.

Page speed is a Firefox add-on integrated with Firebug. Run the page speed tool to get immediate suggestions on how you can change your web pages to improve its page response time. Page Speed automatically optimizes images for you, giving you a compressed image that you can use immediately on your web site. Page speed also identifies issues such as JavaScript and CSS loaded by your page that wasn’t actually used to display the page. This can help reduce the page response time of your web pages.

How to use Page Speed

Download page speed. You need to install Mozilla Firefox 3.0.4 or higher with Firebug Firefox Add-on 1.3.3 or higher in your computer to run Page Speed. Open Mozilla Firefox and by selecting Tools > Firebug > Open Firebug, run the Page Speed. Once you run the Page Speed and receive the ‘Done’ message, click on ‘Analyze Performance’. Now the web page will be analyzed and the required suggestions to improve the web page will be displayed. You can follow the suggestions and improve your page response time of your web pages.

For more instructions: Page Speed

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