Thursday, August 6, 2009

How do I track 301 Redirect in Google Analytics?

301 RedirectMy previous posts on Why 301 Redirect (Permanent Redirection) Is Important? and How to do 301 Redirect (Permanent Redirection)? explained about the importance of 301 redirection and the way to do 301 redirection in your site.

I received some mails from my visitors asking queries on how to track the 301 redirect using Google analytics. So I thought of explaining it in my new post.

We can track the visits from the 301 redirect landing on your domain in two ways.

Let us assume that you have redirected to using 301 redirect.

Using Campaign tracking code

In this method you have to use the campaign tracking code to the domain to which you are redirecting.Instead of redirecting to, you can redirect to

When using this method, you can track the visits from at Traffic Sources >> Campaigns

Using Javascript:

In this method you can place your Google Analytics code in just before the redirect script. Make sure your redirect script should have atleast 1 second time delay for the analytics code to work.

When using this method, you can track the visits from at Content >> Top Content

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