Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Malware Scanner – How to detect malware using Google webmaster tools

Malware ScannerMy previous post on Request Reconsideration in Google This Site May Harm Your Computer explained how to request reconsideration in Google when the site is mentioned as 'This site may harm your computer' in Google search results.

Google provides the information of the malware found in the website using Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool. But the webmasters faced difficulties to find the malware in their website.

Now Google has introduced a new tool in Google webmaster tool to provide detailed information about the malware present in the site. Samples of the malicious code that Google's automated scanners detected on the site are provided through webmaster tools. Samples are provided in the form of HTML tags, JavaScript code or embedded Flash files. List of pages in the site where the malicious code are present is also made available. This will surely help the webmaster to easily identify the pages affected by the malware and to remove it. Then they can go for 'Request Reconsideration' which is also provided in Google webmaster tools.

How to use the tool 'Malware Details'.

Login to your Google webmaster tool account. When you open the dashboard of your site you can find a link to 'Malware Details' under 'Labs'.

Google Webmaster Tools

Click on the link 'Malware Details'.

Malware page details - Google Webmaster Tools

Now you will find the details of the pages where the malware is found by the Google's automated scanners. Click on the 'Details' link for the page.

Malware details - Google Webmaster Tools

You will get the sample of the malicious code present in that particular page.

Remove the malicious code and protect your visitors from malware.

I believe this post has clearly explained about 'How to detect malware using Google webmaster tools'. Please comment if you like this post.

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