Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Google Replaces Regular URLs with Breadcrumbs in Search Results

Google SearchGoogle has rolled out an improvement yesterday that replaces regular URL in some search results to help you understand the structure of the site. The new display URL provides valuable context and new navigation options.

How it works

Let us assume you are searching for spidersapien reviews in Google. The result from Productwiki for the query will have display URL as which does not provide much information.

Google Replaces Regular URL

Now the display URL for the same query will be > Toys & Games > Robots which tells that Spidersapien is a robot toy under the category "Toys & Games".

Google URLs with Breadcrumbs

If you want to navigate to more general category you can directly click on the category link to access more information. These are also called as "Breadcrumbs", which is a strandard navigation tool used by the webmasters in their site to help users navigate.

More Information : New site hierarchies display in search results

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