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How to exclude my internal Static IP address from Google Analytics Report?

Exclude Static IP AddressMany of our own visits to our website may increase the visits and page views in Google Analytics report. We may want to exclude all the data's from our own visits.

Two ways are there to block these visits depending on the IP address. In this post I am going to explain the steps to exclude the static IP address. My next post will be explaining how to block the dynamic IP address.

Using a simple filter in Google Analytics report will help us to exclude our static IP address and block all our own visits.

Many of my previous posts based on Google Analytics will help you to find where to create the filter. Now let us create the filter.

Filter Name: Exclude My IP Address (Give your own Name)

Filter Type: Custom filter – Exclude (Select the button)

Filter Field: Visitor IP Address (Select from the drop down menu)

Filter Pattern: 176\.168\.1\.1 (Provide your IP Address here. The example IP address used here is Remember to use regular expressions when entering your IP address here. Every dot is preceded by backslash.)

Case Sensitive: No (Select the button)

Exclude IP Address Google Filter
Once you have finished it will look as the image given above. Click Save Changes.

You may also enter a range of IP addresses.
For example:
Range: to
IP address value : ^176\.168\.1\.([1-9]1[0-9]2[0-5])$

You may also enter many ranges of IP addresses.
For example:
Range: to and to
IP address value : ^176\.168\.1\.([1-9]1[0-9]2[0-5])$^10\.0\.0\.([1-9]1[0-4])$

To Find the correct expression for your range of IP Addresses, use Google Tool at

IP address length
Filters in Google Analytics are limited to 255 characters in length. Large IP address ranges can generate filters over 255 characters in length. To create IP address filters that are under 255 characters consider the following:

  • Restrict your range to the last two octets.

  • Subdivide your range into smaller ranges.

  • If your starting IP address ends in .0 and your ending IP address ends in .255, the regular expression will be shorter.

You can verify your filter by visiting your website with unique method. Use any keyword that is unique, to visit your website. You will not be able to find the details of the visit using that keyword in your analytics report.

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